Welcome to my Fun Page!

One of the best games I have ever encounterered! Warcraft II. It has been my stress reliever from my Engineering classes this quarter. I have tried my hand at making a pud. It was ok. I have been playing War2 over kali. If you play any of these games, get it! It's awesome!


Another game that I absolutely LOVE is Mechwarrior II. This is the game that I have been waiting for all my life. The graphics are awesome, the 'mechs are great, and the game play is perfect. If you havn't seen it, check it out. I just bought the new Matrox Mystique 3-D video card. It came with a 3-D enhanced version of Mech2. It's incredible what it can do!

Descent is also one of my most favorite games of all time!!
The 3-D action is the best arcade action on the computer.
Check out a screen capture I did when I won level 12 of D2!

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