A. Theodore Tuttle

Member of the First Quorum of the Seventy

If a missionary goes on a mission and never seeks the Lord in mighty prayer, you have gone and come in vain.

If you return without loving your companion as much as you love your own brother you have gone and come in vain.

If you don't love the people of every area as much as your own family, you have gone and come in vain.

If you have never wept for forgiveness, if you have never cried because of disappointment and headache you have gone and come in vain.

If you never have the experience of indescribable joy which leaves your physical body limp, spiritually fatigued, you have never experienced joy.

If you never hear the whispering so the Spirit or feel the power of God and the complete and entire assurance of the truthfulness of the church you haven't felt the witness of the spirit.

If the spirit never fills your body and soul with fire that cleans your whole soul so that you know that you are spotless before the Lord, you haven't been forgiven of the Lord.

If you never speak by the power of God denounce sin, healed the sick, cast out devils, you have come and gone in vain.

If you never see men overcome by the power of the spirit and wept, you have never taught by the spirit.

If you never acquire the spirit of URGENCY and know what it is, you have wasted time.

If you have not left home yet and cut your mother's apron strings, you have missed a great opportunity.

If you don't walk with God you are not humble. You are not giving two years of your life.

If you never partake of the sacrament and feel a lump in your throat and tears rush to your eyes because of the spiritual strength of this ordinance, you have yet to renew your covenant.

If you never felt the power of hell and darkness close in upon you and leave you in utter despair and hopelessness, you don't know discouragement.

If you have never closed yourself in the bathroom of your apartment and sought the Lord in mighty prayer, you have gone and come in vain.

If you have never talked spiritually with God, you have failed in your prayer in life.

If you have never been called names, bitten by dogs, fasted in 100 weather, tracted when your mouth was too cold to say Mormon, you have not bee dedicated to the work.

I you have never received revelations, heard the whisperings of the spirit, studied with the Holy Ghost, you have failed to know the Holy Ghost.

If you have never talked with a companion until 2:00 in the morning to try to love and understand him, you have failed to communicate.

If you never called an Elder to repentance then loved him more than before, you don't understand the 121st section of the D&C.

If you never learned how God answers prayers and learn how the spirit guides you, you don't know what it is to be guided by the spirit.

If you have never counseled a brother and sister in an immoral transgression, suffering with them the pains of hell and guilt, you are not concerned about your fellowmen.

If you never learn the power of faith and believe in your prayers then you have failed to acquire faith.

If you have never laid your hands on someone not having the least indication of what to say, but leave knowing that God had spoken to and promised and that promise will be fulfilled you have yet to rely on the spirit.

The success of a missionary depends upon the depth of his spirituality. It's manna, it has to be gathered everyday: and the way is through prayer.

By: A. Theodore Tuttle