Ryan Henrie

Versatile applications engineer with exceptional skills in data processing and analysis, ... Highly skilled in creating reports for management, detailing performance-to-plan and other metrics of semiconductor manufacturing. Specialize in ...

  • Designing and implementing large scale, distrubuted systems to drive and support worldwide semiconductor operations, both at Micron and at subcontract operations.
  • Defining and implementing standards and standardized systems for data generation, logging, analysis, and reporting.


Micron Technology, Boise, Idaho (7/98 to present)
Test Software and Applications Engineer

  • Develop leading-class solutions for semiconductor backend automation systems.
  • Developed common code libraries, data storage and data exchange systems supporting various test platforms and device test technologies.
  • Supported engineering functions and business partners by enabling experiments to improve yield and overall part performance, as well as test cell and production process efficiency.
  • Contributed to the Tool of Record (TOR) and Design for Test (DFT) initiatives.
  • Enable and support worldwide operations, both in-house and at subcons.
  • Worked to standardize methods and processes across areas, departments, and sites as appropriate.
  • Supported detecting and containing process excursion activities including identification, containment, notification, and implementation of corrective actions.
  • Drove common code strategies and capabilities, with emphasis on potential re-use in multiple platforms and operating environments.
  • Worked with multiple departments to drive, develop, and implement new processes and capabilities to support system and product roadmaps.

Test engineer, focusing on developing automation tools for ATE equipment and engineering data analysis

  • Created systems to simplify and monitor semiconductor testing processes, to improve yields and quality.
  • Responsible for global data collection and aggregation for testing results.
  • Created and maintained production-critical systems used in the testing and configuring of memory devices.
  • Participated in defining new standards for global data logging formats and systems.
  • Created multiple reports that were used throughout the company that showed test yields and test times.

Test engineer for the 64Mb to 2Gb SDRAM, DDR2 and DDR3 products using Advantest 5581, 5585, t5593, Teradyne J996 series testers, and custom in-house testers designed specifically for memory testing applications

  • Work with Automated Test Equipment to support test program development, execution in production, and related engineering analysis
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining production test programs on Automated Test Equipment and working to qualify test software, hardware, and semiconductor products
  • Analyze device performance and yield, providing failure analysis and related test data to other Manufacturing and Engineering groups
  • Work on improving yields, reducing DPM rates, and reducing the testing time to improve efficiency and quality, while reducing cost
  • Convert test programs to work in both Test and Probe areas, reducing code duplication and streamlining the maintenance of the software
  • Interface with many different departments, inlucding Fab, Probe, Product Engineering, Test Production, QA, and Apps/Sales
  • Develop characterization and test data processing software tools in Unix and Linux environments

H & H Construction, Richfield, Utah (summers from 1988 to 1996)
Mechanic and Equipment Operator

  • Worked with heavy equipment and very large 3-phase power systems. This includes a 500 KW generator, a 1500 KW generator and electric motors ranging from 5 hp to 250 hp. I also worked with small electric systems.
  • Purchased supplies and equipment.
  • Prioritized daily goals and evaluated job priorities.


Utah State University
Major: Electrical Engineering (BSEE)
Minor: Portuguese
Graduated: 1998 


Self motivated and reliable.
Excellent written and oral communication skills.
Programming experience in Perl, Python, C, C++, assembly (Intel and Motorola).
Database experince with MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Redis, MongoDB.
Web design experience with html, css, php, cgi, javascript, ajax, json, HighCharts, etc.
Other systems like Gearman, MIPC, etc.
Analog and digital design skills.
Knowledgeable with electronic test equipment, such as logic analyzers and advanced automated test equipment.


Microprocessor Interface
µController system design
Analog Circuit Design
Logic Circuit Design


Recipient of a four-year, Presidential Scholarship at Utah State University, Fall 1991.
Recipient of the Robert C. Byrd Scholarship, 1991.  (Only two are awarded per Congressional District, per year)
Recipient of a USU College of Engineering Scholarship, Fall 1996
USU Dean's List, Fall 1994 and Spring 1995.
Fluent in Portuguese: I lived in Brazil for two years.
Eagle Scout.


Tennis, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, motorbikes, genealogy.


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