LDS-Related Infobases

Please respect the significant time and effort that I have put into organizing these infobases by 1) acknowledging their source and 2) not distributing them as part of any collection whatsoever. Also, do not put links directly to the files for download, but to this page. Thanks.

If this is your first time here, read this!

The 1830 Edition of the B of M
v3 | v4
The 1830 translation of the BofM with the original paragraphing and current chapter and verse numbering as hidden references. This file will be updated soon. There are several paragraphing errors that I am fixing. Available on the web here Be warned: his "Summary of Changes" is a bit anti-Mormon. (He has not intentionally changed anything. The text has been verified as unaltered)

The Bible in Portuguese
v3 | v4
The Bible in Portuguese.

The Bible in Spanish
v3 | v4
The Bible in Spanish.

A Blank Infobase
v3 | v4
A "blank" .nfo file with a copy of the instructions on how to edit it to make your own infobase.

D. & C. Biographies
v3 | v4
Short biographies and information about every person mentioned in the Doctrine & Covenants. You can search by section or by person, as well as by the sources. Updated with scripture hyperlinks.

Info. on Early Members
v3 | v4
I "folioized" the Early-Saints directory that William Smith has put on the 'net. It contains Writings of early Latter-day Saints and their contemporaries.

General Conference
v3 | v4
General Conference talks, from 1897 through 1970. This is to complement the CD-ROM that the Church puts out (that is 1971 to present). This file is compatible with my conference index infobase.

General Conference Index
v3 | v4
A new and improved index to the general conference talks, from October 1897 to April 2007. It has an index by conference, speaker, and subject. This file is now v4.x infobase. (It can be opened by the Church's Magazine CD, the full Folio Views 4.x, but not GospeLink 2001.)

Gospel Doctrine
v3 | v4
Gospel Doctrine, Selections from the Sermons and Writings of Joseph F. Smith. Updated with scripture hyperlinks.

Hymn Index
v3 | v4
An index to the LDS Hymns. Includes index by topic, author, and scripture.

Inspirational Poems and Short Stories
v3 | v4
Created by Steve O'Neil, a collection of inspirational poems and short stories. See his page for a list of contents.

Inspired KJV
v3 | v4
The Inspired Version that Joseph Smith did of the Bible (KJV). You can find other stuff like this at

Journal of Discourses
v3 | v4
The Journal of Discourses, 26 volumes. I've also added a comprehensive index by speaker (sorted chronologically for each speaker's talks) which is unique to this great collection of talks, and the ability to search by speaker.

Missionary Stuff
v3 | v4
This is the first draft of an infobase about missionary work.
If you have any talks or other neat things and would like to contribute it to the infobase, I'd appreciate it. (.wpd or .txt is easiest for me)
I'm doing a web page of this stuff. Most of this infobase is there as well.

Organize Your Comments
v3 | v4
A "shell" that has an index and jump links to premade destinations for every chapter in the Standard Works plus the Subdex (Subject Index) that CES uses. A great place to organize your quotes and commentary on any chapter/verse in the Quad as well as any gospel topic.

LDS Periodicals
v3 | v4

Four early LDS Periodicals: Times and Seasons, Messenger and Advocate, Elder's Journal, and The Evening and Morning Star.

The LDS Quad
v3 | v4

The "LDS quad." It has the KJV Bible with the italics (this is a unique feature that no other commercial LDS-targeted product has!), the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.

The LDS Quad (with Strongs)
v3 | v4

The "LDS quad." It has the KJV Bible with the italics (this is a unique feature that no other commercial LDS-targeted product has!) and Strong's Numbers. It also has the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. This new version combines the standard Triple with the Strongs infobase as the Bible part of the quad. This is interchangeable with the quad.nfo file for hyperlink destinations.

One trick with the v4 version, is all the hyperlinks from v4 infobases to the quad are hardcoded with the filename quadv4.nfo. If you want to use this one as the default, just rename it to quadv4.nfo and it will be opened for all scripture hyperlinks.

Seminary Ideas
v3 | v4
A collection of lesson ideas for seminary teachers, as well as a variety of other teaching tools for any teacher. Add your own ideas to the database as you find them. A great way to keep track of things to use in your lessons. (Made by Ross Gregson)

Signs of the Times
v3 | v4
Prophetic References to the Signs of the Times. The data comes from Mark Dalby and his website. References to the Journal of Discourses have been made hyperlinks to the JofD infobase.

Strongs Concordance
v3 | v4
Strong's Concordance of the Bible. It's kind of like a hebrew (OT) and greek (NT) dictionary of most of the words in the bible.

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