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          Some people have asked how to work with the blank infobase, and so I made this page to address some common questions about adding to/editing/modifying an infobase file.

          Now for the tips!

  • Q: How do I make a new Infobase?
    A: First off, the File|New option doesn't work with the Bound Views software (except for creating shadow files). So, to "get around this", go to Help|Contents and then open the blanknfo.nfo file. Now, it should work just like a text editor. (For further info on this, look at this page)

    Also, since it won't do a "Save as...", to save an infobase with a different name, you will have to copy the blanknfo.nfo file to the desired name, and then open that file.

  • Q: How can I get information into an infobase?
    A: If you want to import some text from Wordperfect, for example, first go copy the text that you want, then go back to the blank infobase file and go Edit|Paste Special|Unformatted text. (If you don't have that option, go File|Preferences|Menu|Full to enable it) That way works the best. Pasting directly gives a box of text that only wordperfect can edit, but looks the same as the page would in Wordperfect. Try it and see.

  • Q: How will the text come across from a copy/paste transfer like that?
    A: It takes a period/return as a new paragraph, but if your file has a period(space)return, then it will take it as a space, without a new paragraph. That will combine two paragraphs into one. Most people wouldn't want this to happen, I don't think.

    So, if you have a list of names, for example, without periods after them, then you will get the names in a single line. Unfortunately, that's just how it works.

    Also, two (or three?) hard returns after a space are taken as a hard return and a shift-return. Then, once imported, you would have to delete the shift-return. It works, but takes some time.

  • If you are going to be importing a lot of stuff into infobases, but don't want to work through this text import business, and need more control over fonts, tabs, formatting, etc., then buy any of the Bookcraft products that are under the label "Gospel Works" that are built around the Folio engine. They have many of the import/export filters for .wpd, .doc, .fff, and .txt. They import Wordperfect files pretty good. I have their Journal Writer program, and I know their B of M. resource CD has them too. The Deseret Book software also has many of these filters.

  • Q: Why won't it let me edit any of these infobases?
    A: Your "menu" is set to "Browse". Go to File|Preferences, and in the top right corner, make sure "Full" is selected.
  • Q: How do I make jump links?
    A: Jump Links are very useful in infobases, and it requires a two step process to make them. First off, you need to put the cursor where you want to jump to. Then, go Customize|Jump Destination (or ctrl-d) and enter a name for the destination. Then, highlight the text you want to be the jump link, and go Customize|Jump Link (ctrl-j) or even right click and select Link|Jump Link. Then, enter or find the destination and click Apply. That's it. This also works inside popup boxes too.

  • Q: What about popup boxes?
    A: What about those popup boxes that you can put text into? Well, highlight the text that you want to have as the link, and just go Customize|Popup Link or from the right mouse button choose Link|Popup Link

  • Q: And the splash screens?
    A: Go to File|Information and click on the Title Page button. Then, just select the bitmap that you want. Note: Use RLE compression on images that you are going to import. For some Reason, the Folio Software likes it better than anything else.

  • Q: How do I get the Contents (and the reference window) to show any text?
    A: The Contents just reflect the paragraphs that are specified as something other than the Normal Level (plain text). To change the Level of a paragraph (hence the heirarchy in the Contents screen), go to Layout|Level.. and select something other than Normal Level (create one if another one doesn't exist). If you don't have the Layout menu option, then go to File|Preferences and choose Full on the menu options.
  • Q: Can I integrate any of these infobases into the Collectors Library?
    A: Since Infobases has not permitted any editing to the Collectors Library, it isn't possible to actually place anything from this website into it at the right spot. The best you can do is to have the infobases open that you want to search, use the default query, and use the "Apply to All" button instead of the "OK" button. This will apply the search to all open infobases. You will still have to go to each infobase to see the hits, but it works.

          If you have any questions that this page doesn't address, send them, and I will answer directly and probably add them to this page!

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