How to Search

          As I've talked with people about the strengths and weaknesses of the Folio Views software, I've noticed that most, if not all of them, haven't really used or know how to use the full potential of the Folio search engine. This page will try to explain by example some the possibilities that you have.

          I'll use the General Conference infobase to demonstrate this, since it's the most common file people would have from this site.

          One thing to remember about searching, it looks for words to be in the same RECORD, not just paragraph. The difference between the two is subtle, yet important.

          A record is created when you hit the return key, and finished when you hit the return key again. But, you can also do Ctrl-return and Ctrl-Shift-return to do a new paragraph within the same record. A Ctrl-return puts the cursor down one line, against the left side of the line. Essentially a soft-return inside the paragraph. The Ctrl-Shift-return creates a new paragraph, with independent formatting and styles, but within the same record.

          So, two words that you search for could be in separate paragraphs, yet still be found since they are in the same record.

Simple Searching
Want to Find... Then, enter... Results...
Exactly one word, anywhere in the infobase. Naaman 45 hits
Two words together in the same record. Joseph Kirtland
Joseph and Kirtland
Joseph & Kirtland
74 hits
Either of 2 words in the same paragraph, possibly both. joseph or kirtland
joseph | kirtland
3008 hits
Words with a particular word stem. Note: not just any part of a word, but an actual stem. "lov" won't work, but "love" will. love% 6292 hits
love, loves, loved, loving
Any word, plus find other possible words, like a thesaurus. joy$ 2,649 hits: pleasure, satisfaction, happiness, delight...
Any word that begins with "mo" and ends with "th." mo*th 532 hits
month, mouth, moth
If you don't know a certain letter in the word, or want a range of words. cem?t?ry
30 hits: cemetery
7602 hits: cab, can, cat...
From the above example, "can" is most of the hits. To remove it from the search... ca? not can 220 hits: cab, cat, car...
An exact phrase... "joseph smith lived" 4 hits

Searching with Levels, Groups, etc.
To search for "atonement" in the October 1997 conference. [Level Conference/1997 - october:atonement]

Explanation: Starting with "[Level" tells Folio to limit its search to anything under a certain Level. "Conference" tells it which level, with the "/1997 - october" telling Folio which conference to search under. Whatever follows the colon is of the format of the previous table.
20 hits
To search for something President Hinckley said, without using the template. [Group 'Hinckley, Gordon B.':teaching]

Each speaker has been defined as a "group", so we need to search in a group this time. The single quotes helps Folio see the spaces in his name.
42 hits
To combine the previous 2 examples, let's search for occurrances of Pres. Hinckley saying the word, "service." [Level Conference/1997 - october:] & [Group 'Hinckley, Gordon B.':service ]

The first section should be easy. If no words are specified, it searches all the text under the specified level. The "&" just joins two search patterns, just like 2 words.
50 hits

          Now, what if you typed in a search, hit return, and remembered you wanted to add another part to it. Not to fear! If you hit F2 (the default search template), you will notice an up arrow and a down arrow to the right of the data entry box. Clicking on the up arrow shows you the previous search, relative to the search you are looking at.

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